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I'm a member of Grup d’Estudi, a group that concerns itself with the task of cataloguing and proposing new ways of presenting artistic productions in public and which advocates absolute mobility with regard to joining the group and in relation to its members.

SUMMER 2021 - Grup d'Estudi is curating the space "Sala Grup d'Estudi" for the the Art Nou festival of emerging contemporary art in Barcelona. We initiate different processes in relation to new architectures and exhibition formats, understanding the room as a laboratory and the actions or events as tests or experiments. Depending on the pertinent needs of each project they might work in a symbolic or physical level. Therefore, the space is conceived as an intermediate point between the real and the speculative: a platform that welcomes proposals from collectives, subjects or external entities, and that aims to free itself from its own authorship.

JULY 2021 - Grup d’Estudi published the book "Exhibition view" with the artistic production grant from La Caixa Foundation.

MAY 2021 - Centre d'Art la Virreina - We carried out the activity "PARA K KIERES SABER ESO" at the La Virreina Art Center in Barcelona where we proposed a horizontal knowledge exchange space. As a means to explore the symmetry between the Grup d’Estudi and Paraiso Conceptual, (a Mexican group we met identical to us in its structure and interests) Grup d’Estudi is plagiarising one of Paraíso Conceptual’s activity.

APRIL 2022 - Centre Lectura Reus - "Sala Grup d’Estudi Rosa Magrané" ROSA MAGRANÉ STUDY GROUP ROOM (2022) consists of a translation, in this case the Rosa Magrané room of the Excursionist Section to the exhibition hall of the Reus Reading Centre. This gesture aims to make internal working structures transparent and, at the same time, to serve as a test workshop for Grup d'Estudi's promotional articles. The official objects - of which only one copy has been published - are exhibited in two display cases inside the room, while the office equipment of the Excursionista Section is considered as a laboratory to test the merchandising of the Study Group.

MAY 2022 - Index Stockholm. "Exhibition View Control Wars" aims to adapt @b3c0mingc Collective’s open source Control Wars as a roleplay game dispositive to explore possible futures, scenarios and bonds in the art world through frictions and potential conciliations. Grup d’Estudi invites participants to 2 sessions consisting in a co-assembly of rules and game design followed by the activation of the tool game. Exhibition View Control Wars will function as a conversational-based dynamic for situated singularities and subjectivities in art contexts, using fiction as a method to embody and understand the complexities in both of them.

DECEMBER 2022 - FUndació Joan Brossa. "Carpa Grup d'Estudi" is a space where Grup d'Estudi presents the book "Exhibition View" adopting the format of a Christmas book signing where visitors are invited to sit on the lap of one of the members of Grup d'Estudi to read and sign the book together — which it's like a toy catalog or a letter to kings—and to take a picture together.
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